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... from the creators of GlobiFlow for Podio ...
ProcFu (like Kung Fu but for Processes), is an add-on for Citrix Podio that greatly enhances the abilities of your Podio Workflow Automations and the functionality and utility of your Citrix Podio account.

Add a Window to Podio

Build powerful web apps using Podio as the back-office with our powerful mini app builder.

With point and click, you can build:

  • Interactive Customer Portals
  • Synergistic Vendor Platforms
  • Collaborative Employee Centers
  • Internal Data Dashboards

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Enhance Podio Workflows

Leverage our collection of useful scripts to add missing features to Podio Workflow Automation

Added functionality includes:

  • Call any ProcFu script from a Remote POST action
  • Execute ProcScript Code in any PWA Flow

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