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.. from the creators of GlobiFlow for Podio ...
A collection of hosted scripts to make Citrix Podio GlobiFlow better.

ProcFu (like Kung Fu but for Processes), is an add-on for GlobiFlow for Citrix Podio to greatly enhance the abilities of GlobiFlow and the functionality of your Citrix Podio account.

Powerful Scripts

The bulk of ProcFu is a collection of powerful scripts that you can simply call from any Flow using a Remote Post/Get action. And with the Chrome extension, this is even easier as all the authentication tokens and data fields are taken care of for you.

Check out the scripts.

Podio + GlobiFlow Deployment Manager

Easily Publish and Install collections of Podio Apps and GlobiFlow flows, as well as changes and updates to them. It's like the Podio App Market on steroids.

API Integrations

You can connect various outside API's directly to your ProcFu account, allowing you to easily interact with Google Drive, Xero, and others. With oAuth API services, you can also allow your Podio users to connect to any API that supports oAuth2 and perform any and all actions that the API allows.

Scheduled Jobs

Need more flexibility than GlobiFlow's date flows that only trigger once per hour? With ProcFu's scheduled jobs, you can set up triggers to GlobiFlow webhooks to specific times, or down to 5 minute intervals.

Native PHP Code

With ProcFu's advanced code editor, you can create your own PHP scripts which are not limited like GlobiFlow custom variables. You can use any PHP function, as well as your own, and even interact with MySQL databases.

Try it Free

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Pushing Podio Blog
Fun Experiments pushing Citrix Podio to the limit so you can get more done.
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ProcFu Scripts
Explore the ProcFu Script Library.