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AppFrame App Builder

Build Custom Apps Fast using Podio Data

ProcFu AppFrame is the quickest and easiest way to build powerful web applications leveraging your hosted data as your back-office.
  • Citrix Podio
  • Notion
  • MySQL
  • Google Sheets

Super Easy and Intuitive

Our App Builder is so easy to use, you can build basic apps in mere minutes with just point-and-click.
  • WYSIWYG for basic structure
  • Intelligent context framework
  • Fully data and context aware
  • Themable and extensible

Secure by Default

The apps you build can be as secure as you wish, whether using passwords or 3rd-party auth providers.
  • Single password for everyone
  • Username / password combination
  • Login with Google or Podio
  • Secure Email Link
  • Optional two-factor authentication

Mobile Friendly

Out of the box, the apps you create are fully responsive, rendering on all form-factors.
  • Works on mobile and desktop
  • Degrades well on lower resolutions
  • Leverages mobile-only features

Extensible with Code

You can build great apps with just point-and-click, but adding custom code, your options are endless.
  • Add your own HTML and CSS
  • Server-side code before processing for added logic
  • Client-side JavaScript on rendering
  • Additional code events for input validation

Multiple Deployment Options

Your apps can be run in a multitude of ways in the real-world.
  • Directly on our domains
  • Framed in your website
  • On a subdomain of your own domain

Uniquely Versatile

Need some inspiration of what all you can build with the AppFrame App Builder?

Check out some amazing Use-Cases.