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ProcFu Functions API

Do more with your Workflows

Podio Workflow Automation can do a lot, but every now and then you need more.

Simple API

Call any of our API scripts via a remote POST action, pass in data, and get your results.
  • Simple POST infrastructure
  • Secured with HTTPS Authentication
  • RAW API calls to connected services

Multiple Trigger Sources

You can call our API’s from multiple sources including.
  • Podio Workflow Automation (GlobiFlow)
  • Zapier
  • Any ProcFu code block
  • Your own servers running your own code


Link your main work accounts once, and never worry about having to authenticate for individual calls.
  • Citrix Podio
  • Notion
  • Google Drive & Sheets
  • Podio Workflow Automation / GlobiFlow
  • Citrix ShareFile

Bring your own Integrations

Link your own additional integrations and access them from our API without further authentication hassles.
  • MySQL Databases
  • FTP / SFTP Servers
  • SMTP Mail Servers
  • Amazon S3-compatible Storage
  • Any oAuth2 Service

Accessible from Code

All API scripts are available as native commands in ProcScript Code blocks, including code events in your AppFrame apps.

100's of Functions

We're losing count of just how many functions there are. For a complete list, click here.

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