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API Login Ident

Get the login link for an unknown user to authenticate to an API and identify them

- "api_service" (string - API service name as you called it when adding it to ProcFu on the account page)
- "widget_id" (string - ID of the HTML Widget to redirect to after authentication)
- "session_id" (string - ID of current user session (pf_session_start value))

https link for the user to authenticate to the API service. When the user clicks the link, the authentication process will redirect to the given widget_id with parameters session_id as provided, ok=1 or ok=0, and if ok=1 also data={JSON} of the Resource Owner Details, else if ok=0 also err=error_message.

NB: Don't forget to set your headers and use POST (not GET) for the arguments !!!

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POST url:
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