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ProcScript Programming Language

Code Fast without the Drudgery

Writing code can be fun, but the little repetitive tasks can be a pain.

Familiar Language

ProcScript is very similar to PHP with generous help from JavaScript concepts.
  • Most PHP functions baked-in
  • Convenient Object declarations
  • Easy JSON parsing
  • All API Functions included

Powerful Editor

The ProcScript editor is easy-to-use, yet comes with many of the power features from other IDE’s
  • Set breakpoints
  • Step-thought code
  • Debug variables
  • Built-in language help

Connected and Authenticated

All Function API’s are built-in letting you interact with your connected accounts and services.
  • Function API’s are native commands
  • Always authenticated
  • oAuth2 scaffolding included

Multiple Use-cases

ProcScript can be used for many purposes:
  • Extend Podio Workflows
  • Create Batch jobs to interact with your Podio data
  • Add advanced logic to AppFrame Apps