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... from the creators of GlobiFlow for Podio ...

Give your Podio Workspace Super Powers

ProcFu (like Kung Fu but for Processes), is an add-on for Citrix Podio that greatly enhances the abilities of your Podio Workflow Automations and the functionality and utility of your Citrix Podio account.

Let Others work with your Podio

Build powerful web apps using Podio as the back-office with our easy-to-use mini app builder.

With point and click, you can build:

  • Interactive Customer Portals
  • Synergistic Vendor Platforms
  • Collaborative Employee Centers
  • Internal Data Dashboards

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Do more with Podio Workflows

Leverage our collection of useful scripts to add missing features to Podio Workflow Automation

Added functionality includes:

  • Call any ProcFu script from a Remote POST action
  • Execute ProcScript Code in any PWA Flow to run your Business Logic

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Experience new Power in Podio for Free

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